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November 16, 2003

So many similarities, so little time.

Akbaralli Kapasi ( writes:

The forerunner seem very similar to a race in Iain M. Banks' book, Consider Phlebas. The race is called the Culture and is made up of many different human sub-species. They, like the forerunner seem to, rely on advanced sentient A.I.s to support their civilization. In the book, they live on a vast amount of orbitals (in other words halos) spread all over the galaxy as well as on asteroids and small moons. When threatened, they just shifted the populations and the orbitals. This may be the reason why installation 04 took the shape of a ring, and why a sentient monitor was left in charge of the installation. The Culture's main objective was to keep its residents occupied. It might be that the forerunner kept the flood just so they could give themselves something to do.

Maybe the flood escaped in a different galaxy that was occupied by forerunner and because of the outbreak the installations were placed in a galaxy that showed no signs of intelligent life;- our galaxy. Maybe we just managed to evolve in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Again, while the thought of our galaxy as a mere buffer zone may initially offend, keep in mind that we, or any other intelligent species, may have not existed to dissuade its use as such.

Studying the Flood... a hobby for the whole family! What else is an enlightened, galaxy spanning race to do with their time? ;)

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