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November 16, 2003

Dig, dig, dig a little deeper...
Gonna dig, dig, dig a little deeper...

Shane Meyer ( writes:

We know the Covenant used a small probe attached to the UNSC destroyer Iroquois to find Reach. How then, did they single out Reach, knowing nothing more then its location, was a major military stronghold? The reason this seems odd is that the Covenant sent over a dozen ships to attack Sigma Octanus IV, which was the site of information on the location of Halo. They knew Sigma Ocatanus IV had valuable information, but they only new Reach's location from the probe, so why send a fleet nearly thirty times larger? Could the Covenant have been passed information or did the probe hack into the UNSC computer and communication networks at Reach? Something just doesn't seem right.

Shane, you may be onto something. The FoR specifically states that the probe only takes pictures of stars, and then, via a memory crystal shot through Slipspace, relays the information to the Covenant. How else would they have known about Reach, its defences, or its importance; known that it was anything more than a mere supply station? The Flood (p.95) does give mention of Covenant spies (Covenant, AI, or Human we never discover). Did the Covenant have some other record or tip that lead them to Reach in such great numbers?

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