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November 17, 2003

The pesky Pelican plot persists...

Mr. B ( writes:

I recall reading in TFoR that the Pillar of Autumn has 3 Pelicans. Yet when Reach is attacked, 2 Pelicans are used: one is used to take the MC and Co. (Blue Team) to the orbital station to destroy the navigational database on the ONI yacht. This Pelican is destroyed resulting from C-12 on its nose being detonated to kill off approaching Covenant forces.

The second Pelican is used to take all of the other Spartans (Red Team) down to Reach to defend the reactor complexes for the Super MAC guns. This one is (assumed) destroyed when Reach is bombarded with plasma. The MC and some marines escape the station in a separate Pelican, but this leaves an interesting question: if the Pillar of Autumn had three Pelicans, and two were destroyed, while one new one is brought back, why are there four in Halo: The Flood, and multiple in the game itself? Only two Pelicans (unless more docked with the Autumn which were not mentioned) were on the Autumn when it escaped Reach.

Indeed, Red Team's Pelican, piloted by a Flight Officer Mitchell, is thoroughly destroyed, as we witness in the First Strike preview. The number of Pelicans seemingly stowed aboard the Pillar of Autumn had already swollen to apparently grotesque proportions when source materials were compared. Thanks to Mr. B's common sense, we can now add 2 more to that list. (Well 1, if you count the extra Pelican John returned in from Gamma Station.)

Geesh... can Halcyon-class ships MAKE those things?!

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