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November 17, 2003

Kodos ( writes:

Could the Forerunner be the mythic Jjaro? Could the Flood be the dread W'rkncacnter?

Pathways into Darkness makes it clear the the W'rkncacnter simply cannot be killed.

"It died there, or it came as close to dying as these things can, and drifted aimlessly for millions of light years before striking the Earth."

Similarily, one hell of a good reason for keeping the Flood is that for whatever reason they simply can NOT be destroyed. (Or, perhaps the Flood are manifestations of the W'rkncacnters dreams? "..populated by horrible manifestations of the dead god's dream.") Some people have suggested that destroying Halo may have had some unforseen ramifications on the cosmos at large. Perhaps our destruction of Halo has freed a (the?) W'rkncacnter.

If the Flood can survive the vacuum of space in some form, we surely have released them, at least within the Halo 04 system for now...

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