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November 17, 2003

Miranda: A past acquaintance of Jason Jones', a Shakespearian Tempest, or 11th moon of Uranus...

Socrates adds another possible inspiration for this mysterious future character/casual reference made by Joseph Staten in regards to Jason Jones during the X03 video.

Francisco de Miranda was, among other things, a Venezuelan revolutionary. He has been called a precursor (forerunner) to later revolutionaries, such as SÃmon Bolivar; Miranda betrayed his cause after suffering some defeat, surrendering himself and the men he lead to the Spanish Imperialist forces. For this, he was arrested by his own men before the surrender could take place, and given to the Spanish, who housed him for the last four years of his life in a dungeon in Spain.

A man who was a "forerunner" and a traitor who nearly destroyed the Venezuelan revolution for independence. It sounds strikingly familiar to the Miranda which we know, who, according to the X03 video, straps a bomb to the Master Chief's back and shoved him down a hole.

As he goes on to say, this also seems to be another tie in to the history of Mexico, Central, and South America, whose Aztec (and Incan) inhabitants have come up more than once throughout the story's course.

Those pesky gas-giants keep coming up again and again as well. One might think that the Forerunner had a certain fixation with them...

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