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November 21, 2003

Tursas ( writes:

I was just perusing your page again, and something hit me: What if the Flood have already found their way off Halo by the time 343 Guilty Spark introduces himself to the Master Chief?

The evidence:

"Greetings. I am the Monitor of installation 04. I am 343 Guilty Spark. Someone has released the Flood. My function is to prevent it from leaving this installation. But I require your assistance. Come. This way." -- 343 Guilty Spark, in the final moments of the level named after him.


If 343 GS' function is to prevent the Flood from leaving installation 04, then it stands to reason that he would busy himself in doing so, correct? Yet during the library, he is nearly always with us, and mentions where he is going and what he is doing when he is not present. As well, it is the function of the Reclaimer, not 343 GS, to trigger mass sterilisation. The process of going through 343 GS (the level) and the Library, is part of the secondary protocol, not the primary function.

It stands to reason that only after failing in his attempts to contain the flood on the ring would 343 GS initiate the mass sterilisation protocol. Of course, reason may fly out the window as we realise that 343 GS is a few slats short of a train track.

Hence, I believe that at one point 343 GS was busy with preventing the Flood from leaving Halo, but that point was far in advance of where things stand when the Master Chief is brought into the Library. The entrance of Mobutu in the equation only makes matters worse: if 343 GS had initiated the sterilisation protocol with a completely different person (perhaps) hours before, it stands to reason that the Flood are already that much further away from the ring.

Of course, we must question the meaning of "leaving this installation". Does it mean that the Flood had gained access to the Truth and Reconcilliation or Pillar of Autumn, which had not really 'left' the ring, or did the Flood manage to board another ship and get away?

Good point. We blew up and (supposedly) destroyed whatever was on Halo, but, since the primary weapon never fired, anything that was already off of the ring is out there somewhere... waiting...

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