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November 21, 2003

On the fickle nature of fame, and the whims of public (and military superiors's) opinion...

Jillybean ( writes:

...So a soldier whose entire unit has been destroyed, his homeworld glassed, appears after apparently being MIA with his ship. He says the PoA has been destroyed by him, that there is a bunch of mutant zombies in a selection of Halos across the galaxy and that there is a mysterious species called the Forerunners who seem to have created their very own method of wiping out life in the galaxy. Oh and there's an AI called 343 Guilty Spark who's practically indestructable.

Who else can see the nice medical orderlies coming for dear old Master Chief?

This whole "responsible for the survival of Humanity" deal might not be all it's cracked up to be. What about the parades? The testimonials? The recognition of service to all mankind? Oh, wait. I suppose we better actually save humanity first. ;-)

Now, weren't we on some kind of important mission before all that other nasty stuff came up? ;-)

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