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November 24, 2003

The Forerunner as the Covenant's Ward

Chadwik05 ( writes:

We know that there are many "Halo's" throughout the universe, and that one sets off a chain reaction. We also know that there are similarities between the Covenent and the Forerunners. What if the covenant were "told" by the forerunners to guard and protect Halo and Forerunner tech. This would explain why they are so eager to keep humans out, and maybe why they are trying to eliminate humans in order to protect the halo from us. It makes sense, the covenant learned that we would want to investigate and possibly use halo to our advantage [or accidentally release the Flood] if we found it.

At the time that this theory manifested itself the first time, two things were not known or as widely accepted: 1) That the Covenant had indeed made their own way to Halo 04, entirely independent of Cortana and the Pillar of Autumn (and had been there for some time before the Human's arrival), and 2) that Halo 04 actually lies in a system previously noted and documented by the Human race.

These two items lend a certain amount of credibility to this theory. If it is true however, how would the Covenant have learned that we had catalogued the Halo 04 system in the first place. Did Humanity have a previous contact with the Covenant prior to the events of Harvest? I hope we didn't accidentally... ::gulp:: them names...

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