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November 24, 2003

Slipstream Buckshot... and Benny the Bear :P

Arthur Wellesly ( writes:

A while back, Wyatt Mustful†contended my theory that Halo was inside human space. He said that because space travel was so sketchy you could suddenly end up trillions of miles away, no matter where you're headed.

That seems a bit off to me. I think the inaccuracy of space travel is better compared to a musket. If you fire a musket in London†at a target 100 yards away, chances are it won't hit the target you wished, but†it certainly won't end up in Beijing. So while exact days may be difficult to use in determining how far Halo is from REACH, it†still seems likely it is extremely close to humans.

Keyes does comment that Human jumps have been known to be off by "hundred of thousands of kilometers" (P.295), but not trillions. (The original post on this subject is here.) Cortana did have a human star chart match however, at 86.2% no less (FoR, p.336); she had a previously known system to compare with the results of her calculations...

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