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February 9, 2002

And, hot on the heels of the Flood=Forerunner hypothesis, comes this from Stefan Ludlow.

Stefan Ludlow ( writes:

...what†do all of these have in common?
††† Symbols on Halo buildings
††† Symbols in Control room
††† Symbols on Gold Elite backs
††† "great religious significance to Covenant"
I have deduced (or think I have) why Halo has a deep religious significance to the Covenant, more accurately, the Elites.† The symbols on Halo are the same style as those on the Gold Elites back. I think that the Elites bay be the Forerunner, or the Forerunner are the ancestors of the Elite species.

Okay, Elites=Forerunner. Wait, I better get a pen and start writing this down... ;-)

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