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December 4, 2003

The Covenant as Territorial Guardians

Unnamed ( writes:

We know that the Covenant worship Halo with 'deep religious significance.' We also know that Halo is Forerunner technology. Finally, we know that the Covenant want the humans dead because it is the will of their gods. So, if they regard Halo with deep religious significance, doesn't this point towards the Forerunner being thier gods?

Here's where it gets interesting; a possible answer as to why the Covenant's gods are so angry. Typically, the Covenant would get angry if a race happened to inhabit one of their god's creations, wouldn't they? 'But we haven't inhabited any of their creations,' you think. 'We never knew about the Halo ring.'

That's where you're wrong. There is actually very little evidence to support that the other Halos are rings at all. What if... Earth is a "Halo"?

The humans have inhabited Earth. Earth is Forerunner. The Forerunner are the Covenant's gods. So the Covenant would hate us for violating their religious land. That's why they hate us so much, thar's why they want Humanity destroyed. It is a Halo, and we are on it.

Considering that the Covenant were leery of firing at the Pillar of Autumn above Halo for fear of hitting the ring, it seems unlikely that they would scorch the Earth if it was such a facility.

Still, the Earth as a Forerunner installation, fortress world, or "Island" would be a very interesting scenario (and not a little convenient for Humanity either). Even if it turns out to not be as drastic as this, more than a few things can be inferred from the partial bombardment and ground skirmishes seen on Earth thus far.

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