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February 9, 2002

Gordon Liu checks in with something totally unrelated to the Forerunner! (And an interesting observation, to boot!)

Gordon Liu ( writes:

I'm guessing that it would be possible for the hunters and elites and maybe the jackals to live on the same planet, but it would be easier to believe that jackals were on a different planet.

This how my theory works: On planet Earth, there are humans and crocodiles. We know that the humans are the only species on earth that can communicate with each other. (as in language and writing) But what if crocodiles were intelligent? If both crocodiles are humans were intelligent, we could communicate with each other, and maybe become allies.

I'm guessing that the hunters and elites might of lived on the same planet, and both species evolved into an intelligent being; capable of communicating with each other. Then they might of formed an alliance and then conquered species like the grunts or jackals.

The creation of the Covenant as a multi-species conglomerate has not been touched on very much. If you have any thoughts, send 'em in!

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