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December 7, 2003

Flood as... well, you name it. In this case, as an Information gathering tool, etc.

Milkshake ( writes:

I have read 'The Flood' and a thought that I had was that, as the flood 'mind-rape' keyes, that they are simply doing what they do because they are in origin, a form of intelligence gathering, created by the Forerunner, in use against their foes and wars. Of course there is no question that they went rampant (in both senses of the word). That makes a little sense, right?

The thought of the Flood being used as an information gathering tool, scraping together records of the fallen's DNA, has been touched on before, but as they also seem to possess some of the most wicked, brutal, and efficient interrogation techniques imaginable, the idea deserves revisiting. However, considering that Captain Keyes can hide his thoughts within his neural lace (and the Flood seem incapable of touching him there), would the Flood be able to interface with any sort of cybernetic or mechanical alterations? To them directly, or in a host? The Flood can wield technology, but can they also integrate it?

Flood as a potential medicine or biological upgrade, Flood as a DNA sampling tool, Flood as a superfluous weapon, Flood as organic armour, Flood as food (bleh), Flood as a terra-forming tool, Flood as mutated Forerunner...

Whether or not the Flood were encountered and preserved for study, or created for a particular purpose, the list of possibilities is growing rather long...

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