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December 7, 2003

CPOMZ at the 512 with the S-III

TINA WARD ( writes:

After reading the Halo:First Strike, I found the file "S-III" that Dr. Halsey accessed in Colonel Ackerson's file quite interesting. I think it obviously stands for "Spartan-III" project, but more interesting is "CPOMZ." The "CPO" is an abbreviation used in the Navy for Chief Petty Officer, and it sure seems like "CPOMZ" is abbreviated for Chief Petty Officer Mendez. So he did go to train new spartans, and it would explain why Master Chief never saw Chief Mendez again on Reach; because the "512-character alphanumeric string" that follows "CPOMZ" is a "reference to a star chart" that is "not a destination to any location in UNSC-controlled space." (p130).

And I bet that is where Dr. Halsey headed off to with Kelly.

That Kelly and her altered DNA... what a prankster :P

Chief Petty Officer Mendez and SPARTAN III (or merely Section III) seem like good starting points for these acronyms (although it does seem strange that Mendez should be abbreviated "MZ"; perhaps it is just to spell it out a bit more?).

But questions remain. What does Ackerson have to do with this group and Mendez? Is he spying on them? Are the S-III's HIS project (Halsey seems unaware) or if it does stand for Section III, is this just to further hint at ONI's sly involvments? What could flash clone research portend: a revival of fallen comrades or an "attack of the clones"?

Good eye :)

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