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December 7, 2003

Then again, when it comes right down do it, there are other possibilities... ;)

gspawn ( writes:

*takes a moment to set up the scene*

Okay, so there's about 117 CD's on this spindle.
*trust me, it's there*

Now, I place it on the edge of my desk, and I push my math pook towards the edge...
*trust me, I'm doing it*

Oh, the spindle stopped the book.

Obviously, I represent the prophets, driving the Covenant to destroy mankind (fall off the desk and... onto... them....). The book represents the Covenant, and the Spindle, representing MC, saved mankind.

I argue that the entire story of Halo was based on someone videotaping my actions secretly and using a time machine to go back and inform Bungie of this event.

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