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December 7, 2003

Numbers, numbers everywhere and not a drop to drink...

419, say again, 419.

EaGLesAllThEwaY2 ( writes:

On page 266 of tFoR, 8th indent down, it says :

While the Master Chief had been on the obstacle course, she had commandeered SATCOM observation beacon 419 and rotated it to view them from orbit.

This was the part of the book when then Master Chief gets to test the real MJOLNIR armor and Cortana is "tying up loose ends". Notice that it is said beacon 419. In Halo (both Combat Evolved and The Flood) the pelican Foehammer pilot's is code named, Echo 419. I don't know what that has to do with anything or the number's signifigance, but I think it is more than a coinsedence.

Hat's Off to... who, exactly?

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