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December 28, 2003

Lamin "darklight" Ball ( writes:

How long does the flood live? If halo was supposedly vacant for over 100 thousand years plus activated once, what ?biomass? did the flood live off of for 100 thousand years after activation? And if it did some way find a way to live off something, who?s to say that it never evolved to a new type of flood that the forerunners never even seen. If you were to think of humans in a 100 thousand year period, you will see that is how long it took for modern man to evolve.

Who knows how long the Flood have existed? They may have evolved into their present state eons ago, perfecting whatever arcane mechanisms their biology employs long, long ago. As far as Flood cannibalism goes though, chew on this: The Military Form af the Vang (Isn't that familiar? As if from an old dream?) had slowly consumed itself as it floated in space through the millenia. If our Flood are modeled after that species, a hundred thousand years or so would be a piece of cake.

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