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December 28, 2003

Ellimist ( writes:

i was reading the post "On Slipstream Space and Really Big Explosions" and Toby Dillman said that Humans, the Covenent, and other alien races were carbon based life forms. I beleive this to be true,because we all seem to breath oxygen, which is vital to carbon based life forms. But could the flood be non carbon based?

There is only one other element, stable and abundant enough, that a life form can be based on...silicon.

343 GS says that the flood was changing the atmosphere, this is probably to hurt the other races on Halo 04, not because they need to breath something other than oxygen. They cont seem to mind what they breath.

This is because a silicon based lifeform does not require oxygen and hydrogen. This would mean that they can survive in open vacume, this could have lead to some getting off Halo 04

Interesting. If the Flood were solely a silicon-based lifeform, would they have some difficulty in the pre-atmosphere-adjusted, oxygen-rich environment of Halo as we knew it?

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