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December 28, 2003

jan clawson ( writes:

We now know how Sgt. Johnson survived the flood. He had a disease that scrambled his nervous system so that the flood could not infect him. That is what they do, infect things to make more of themselves...

Or kill the things they can't. They can't infect the sentinels, so they destroy them. It seems to me that if the flood could not infect Mr. Johnson, they would kill him. If he somehow made it of that room from hell, the flood warriors kill him. Why leave him alive?

Or, maybe they did infect him. Sgt. Johnson could be a ticking time bomb for the flood, much like the nuclear device Admiral Whitcomb gave up for the Covenant. Think of Sgt. Johnson as a flood carrier waiting to happen.

Now you're thinking, 'They checked the Sergent, he was clean of infection forms. The cells of the flood were dead in his bloodstream'. Now, the only way we know of the flood infecting is through an infection with an Infection Form. But, maybe that is just the fastest way of infection...maybe those "dead" flood cells in Johnson's bloodstream are dormat, waiting to grab hold of the body. This would also explain the flood changing the atmosphere. They put flood spores in the air, and the flood take over everyone. Of course, you need numbers to do that, and that is where the infection forms come into play.

Even if the atmosphere thing isn't true, the good Sergent might still be infected. Think of what would happen if his chest burst open and infection forms poured out...

So, we'd better keep an eye on that guy during Halo 2. I don't know if shooting him right off the bat will get rid of him, though. It sure didn't work that way in Halo 1.


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