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January 21, 2004

Romans, 117, and more se7ens than you could hope to shake a stick at (or seven for that matter).

Giorgio Vassallo ( writes:

I have recently opened a new investigation front of the Romans=Halo. some people say that it is useless because all (or most) of the halo characters are based on Greek myth. well, my investigation has started to yielded some startling results:

1st: As earlier discovered, the Roman Empire reached its height in the year 117 A.D.

2nd: The city of Rome is called "the city of the seven hills" because it is on top of seven hills.

3rd: I also discovered that Rome had seven kings before the foundation of the Republic.

4th: Back in the Roman times, september used to be the 7th month, october the 8th and so on..
and halo takes place in SEPTEMBER!!!! does this tell us something?

Whew... apparently. But what exactly?

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