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January 21, 2004

Two, count 'em, two notes on Covenant armament and their usefulness against the Flood

Auren (Reiyou) ( writes:

1: Covenant weaponry are based on energy, right? This only seems to have come from fighting against the flood and as the developers have said: "The Flood and the Covenant have a bit of history together." This would seem contradictory becuase as demonstrated time and time again, solid projectiles are more effective then energy. Unless the flood have some toxicicity cauterized by heat we don't know about, why even bother with energy.

2: The origin of the Needler. It had to have been developed for uses against the flood. the projectiles track and, perhaps the flood are running around already and so the Covenant brought in tons of needlers. A peice of evidence to support that theory. The needler crates on 343 Guilty Spark. Why else would they be there?

Perhaps the Covenant's continued use of plasma weaponry against the Flood is yet another demonstration of their inability to improvise and adapt to a situation; their zeal forces the use of their god-sent tools. Or it could be a game limitation...

Hmmm... You're right. Even though it is almost useless against larger Flood, the Needler does track the encroaching Infection swarms quite nicely, and packs just enough punch to set off a chain reaction. Almost as if it was MADE for it. (Could this be an example of the Covenant's "long history" with them? :)

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