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January 21, 2004

Where have all the SPARTAN I's gone? Long time passing...

Wavehawk ( writes:

Presumably, these members of the ORION project are not as highly-developed as the SPARTAN II candidates and most likely don't have the same level of enhancements and such (definitely no MJOLNIR Armor)--but they'd still be pretty tough individuals in themselves. Again, I've not read TFoR or the Halo Bible, so I might be mistaken--but obviously, the SPARTAN II project was workign on info garnered from the 'success' of the SPARTAN I project. If SPARTAN I was a success, then that means that there were some of them who survived. Maybe up to this day.

So here's a rampant theory of mine: What if Sgt. Johnson and Chief Mendez are survivng members of the SPARTAN I programme?

Johnson's certainly bad-ass enough (we're talking someone who consistently survives anything tossed at him and even goes toe-to-toe with an elite---WITHOUT the benefit of MJOLNIR armor). Add that to the fact that he has no enmity against the SPARTAN IIs (though this is a minor point).

For Mendez, I'm just going by pure inference--who better to train SPARTAN IIs than a SPARTAN I?

I'm thinking that the first generation of SPARTANs might have been much older (Raw recruits? Volunteers maybe? Who knows?), and that they underwent the first-generation enhancements process. Most probably died in surgery. Others were disfigured (even the SPARTAN II prject makes note of these). The few that survivedprobably lived on to be the toughest hard-core SOBs the human race has ever known--but were still fairly human compared to the SPARTAN II programme.

And it's also possible that the survivors were not necessarily the strongest physically or the oldest/youngest, but those with an uncanny strength of will. The kind of mental toughness common to modern-day Special Forces like the Navy SEALS, Army Special Forces, Marine Force Recon, or the like.

The kind of meanness that Johnson and Mendez are capable of, actually.

From what we know, Mobuto wouldn't be a stranger in their company either... Good thinking :)

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