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January 21, 2004

It had to happen eventually. One of us woke up from our Christmas goodie induced coma just long enough to sift through the mail and events of the past few weeks. Actually, we both came to for a while, but not only did I lose the Jan-Ken match, I was bested in Achi-Muite-Hoi overtime. mnem's a shark...

Although already documented elsewhere, it is worth noting for posterity's sake that Littlebigman noticed an update on the Internet Movie Database which listed not only Halo 2 (as a video game, don't get in a knot), but more specifically a character called the "Prophet of Regret". The page has since been removed as, according to Marty O'Donnell, someone goofed putting that up. The plot thickens...

(Or as littlebigman added later, "that name [Regret] sounds french, something tells me someone who had the leaked French Version put that up. Grief was probably a mistranslation of "Regret". Hmm...")

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