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February 3, 2004

Stop Cyborg Exploitation Now! Fair Wages! Union Equity!

Nick Yacono ( writes:

"Dylan Oldenburg once wrote:

At the end of Halo, 343 Guilty Spark is shown to be alive, in space. There has been speculation about what he will do now. After realizing that your plan to neutralize the Flood was successful, he would hold no grudge against you, being an AI."

Even though this goes back into Marathon history, I think my point is still quite relevant to the Halo story line since it is about AI constructs.

If you recall poor, Tycho. Betrayed by Durandal, handed over to alien hands, studied, probed and disected; he seemed a little upset after all was said and done. He forged P'fhor military IDs, called in several vessels of the P'fhor navy and sent many, many soldiers to their death all for his revenge on Durandal.

I may be out of step, but it sounds to me like Tycho may have been holding a bit of a grudge.

As for the flood being neutralized...who said that? I saw Halo blow up, but his mission was to assure that they would never escape the installation. It's quite clear how "adaptable" the flood are. And if simply blowing up the ring was enough to finish them, why rig the thing to take out a whole galaxy?

Everyone seems to assume that 343GS left Halo because his mission was complete. I think he failed. And if I was an ancient construct with a failed mission objective and a fervish interest in Human/Forerunner history, I know where I'd go and I know the first person I'd look up when I got there. Bungie's AI's seem to have a nasty habit of abusing cyborgs for their own means.

Plus...343GS is just what the MC needs to get from planet to planet quickly in Halo 2. But that's just me dreaming again.

Not to mention that the Flood may be extant in more than a single location in the galaxy. A disconcerting truth for us, and for 343, one that may require urgent monitoring.

343 can certainly teleport around Halo with ease. Let's see what other tricks he has up his... ahem... sleeves ;)

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