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February 3, 2004

Chiron Don't Make Change

Ryan Hunt ( writes:

Hi story dudes,

Last night I was just running through the multiplayer maps again, and noticed the description of the level Chiron TL-34 which we've all seen a million times before... it said Spartan CLONE training facility.
Now, this could mean only two things:

1) That the Spartan-IIs are clones themselves or,
2) The information Halsey found in First Strike really was the discovery of a new Spartan-cloned team.

ONI or the UNSC or both made those flash clones of the original Spartans in order to quickly hand them back to their parents before too much suspicion arose, but why would they (ONI, UNSC) waste money on a special training facility when they obviously didn't particularly care too much about the flash clones in the first place?

I'd go out on a limb and say that Ackerson (the guy that stole the genetic information of the Spartans) probably got the DNA of the Spartans that showed extraordinary skill in one task or another, meaning since Kelly was the fastest of the Spartans, he got her speed. Presumably this would also mean that he would get whatever was in Linda's genes that made her the best sniper for the team, and maybe he even got the information in Sam's genes (may he RIP... or not?) that caused him to be the strongest.

Add this up and you can see that we're more than likely going to meeting up with some super-Spartans in Halo 2... but the real question is whether or not these guys will be fighting with us, or against us. Knowing Ackerson's reputation of disdain for the Spartan-IIs, it's certainly not looking good... but at least we have our trusty Mjolnir MK VI battle suits! (I wonder†what†"level"†Guilty Spark would place the MK VI at if the V was 2?)

This clone reference may or may not be of the same ilk as another point brought up concerning this level: If Chiron has teleporters, does that mean that Humanity possesses teleportation technology, or is it merely a matter of gameplay?

Id est, is the name of this Clone Training facility a peak into deeper things, or a mere naming oversight? Hmmm. This one could go either way...

That darn Ackerson...

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