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February 3, 2004

Ask an ambiguous question, get an ambiguous answer.

The not-at-all-brothers Eric, Nylund and Trautmann, have finally responded to our alternating fits of whining and threatening, and have even thrown in several real answers with the Cease and Desist order to boot. Of course if you were privy to the list of questions originally submitted for their consideration... well, let us just be thankful the blackmail op went as well as it did ;)

As for Eric Trautmann's Halo clue, this surfaced during one of our email forays, more specifically after a list of notes on the novels was run by him. The full message reads like a slap in the face, er, reads like so:

"And I'm gratified that some of the more subtle stuff I finagled into H:FS doesn't look like its been stumbled upon.

heh heh heh.

Hm. Perhaps a hint is in order. Who or what would wear a "Halo"?

Regarding the answer's unwitting mention on the forum:

This is quite "cold" apparently; not what he had in mind. Think First Strike and the novels specifically. "Eggs" of a different colour, if you will; not those that necessarily reveal the Tru7h, but that add a new layer of depth to certain segments and allusions...

Let the games begin. I'm sure that Nylund and E.T. are already enjoying the attention ;)

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