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February 19, 2004

War! What is good for? Absolutely nothin'! Say it again! Hah!

Jon Busse ( and Patrick Corkery ( write:

The reason, I think, why the Covenant fight is due to the careful manipulations of the Prophets. The Prophets, being as skilled as they are at assuming the role of commanding, and being as extremely intelligent as they appear to be, knew that a civilization with nothing to do is not a stable one. As George Orwell noticed, a population works better and diplays more loyalty in a state of war. During a war, the people are focused only on supporting their side, the youngsters can only think of going off to battle. The war on Humanity satisfies them. Fortunately for the Prophets, the Humans just happened to be a somewhat formidable opponent who is capable of holding its own, or at least for a while.


As Caesar reasoned, having an army with nothing to do is worse than having an army at war. Caesar, after defeating the Britons in 60-50 BC, made his army build a wall stretching from one coast to another, simply to keep the Roman legions occupied. Is it not possible that the Covenant army was/is simply bored?

Or is simply being kept occupied, perhaps while the Prophets continue with their own little agenda? Some trickery is afoot; what further strife will they stir up, and for who?

(And though the title of her post lacks grace of any sort, Jillybean ( also offers some historical amendments pertaining to the particular case of Hadrian's wall. :-P

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