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February 19, 2004

Nasty, Brute-ish, and short: 3 way battles and talk of dissension

Bobman ( writes:

I was reading the Press Scans of Edge's September 2002 Halo 2 article, and it said that Halo 2 will incorporate the three-sided battles (like Flood vs. Humans vs. Covenant) with more alien races... like the Brutes. Does this mean that the Brutes are not all with the Covenant?

Perhaps there will be some sort of disagreement between the Elites and the Prophets, resulting in the Brutes and Elites fighting? Other posts and emails have come to the conclusion that perhaps the Brutes are the personal bodyguards of the Prophets. If this is true, I wonder who exactly the Hunters, Grunts, and Jackals are going to follow?

The article's wording is somewhat ambiguous, but the possibility remains. The Brutes seem to occupy a unique niche within the Covenant hierarchy: temple guardians and protectors (a seemingly important post), and yet the Elite guard is shocked that a Brute (Tartarus) is allowed to approach the High Prophet. And what of their scheming, behind closed doors as well as the backs of the Elites themselves? If the Elites do develop a problem with their present "arrangement" with the Prophets, and the Brutes (like Tartarus) back the High Ones, we may be in for some real mayhem. We've been looking forward to fighting alongside Spartans in Halo 2, but with (and against) Elites as well!?

Is deanero's dream of Grunt liberation finally at hand? ;)

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