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February 11, 2002

Hot on the heels of Mr Yun, One Man Riot sends in this bit about symbols.

One Man Riot ( writes:

What we know: The same(?) sybols appear on the elites backs as the ones that are on the walls. The forerunners built halo.

All the structures in halo are beautifully constructed. Yet all the symbols that are on the walls seem to be scrawled on there in a very graffiti-ish manner. My theory is that the elites wrote these symbols on the walls in their own language for whatever reason. I guess the meaning of the symbols would pretty much help a lot of us out. Maybe they are trying to psych us out. Picture it. Your walking along a dark, silent hallway you see a wierd tribal marking on the wall. The elites could just ambush you and kill you without you ever knowing it. But by putting these symbols on the walls its like them telling you that they are there but you cant see them. Imagine knowing you might die at any second. Now i am reaching a little bit. Oh well just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in. Thanks for listening to my ranting. We'll figure this out sometime I'm sure.

One Man Riot

That the markings might serve some sort of intimidation purpose is interesting. Who knows what the Covenant might think of as a threat?

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-Ape Man