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March 10, 2004

Stargate and Halo

Deep in the recesses of the subconscious, an update has been forming based solely on the mail we receive comparing Halo to other contemporary titles. Stargate, however, has produced enough input, and good input at that, to merit its own private mention.

Oray Griever ( and Justin Hornsby ( write:

Why have the Forerunners decided to study alive floods in installation 04 ? You certainly knows Stargate SG-1. Humans are in war against Goa'ulds, who is a parasitic specie wich take integral control of his host. The symbiot immunises his host against all deseases, makes it more stronger, more powerful, his wounds heal speeder, and they both can live a long long time. We know that Flood spores have an exceptionnal longevity (100 000 years, as we learn in "The Flood"), that other forms (Elites and Marines) are very strong, not easy to kill (some must be shooted two times), and they can live in extreme conditions. As the Goa'Ulds, the Floods take control of their host. In an episode of SG-1, humans from an other planet managed to extract from the symbiot its superhuman properties. By that way, they can have all the advantages of the symbiot without beign infested by it. Here I come : What if the Forerunners decided to study the flood to extract their strenght and stamina without having to be infected? It will be like a kind of eternal-life elixir, mixed with creatine and EPO. :p


They were around, and very advanced, in acient times of our planet. Perhaps, like in SG1, the Forerunner were part of ancient history. This could explain the ancient myths and legends, not to mention the pryamids and there corrilation to the stars.

Just a thought, but who knows, maybe someone at Bungie is a SG1 junky on the side.

Hmmm... who could that have been... Brannon? ;)

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