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March 10, 2004

To his benefit or detriment, is John also carrying Flood DNA?

ukrainianrocket ( writes:

I was reading through HFS as the book described Sergeant Johnson's situation and how he escaped a full flood infection because of his being afflicted with Boren's Syndrome (a disruption of the electrical signals in the nervous system, from what I gathered). He was even technically "infected," but the infection didn't take because the Sergeant's nervous system was too awkward for the flood to consume. Thus we saw that Sergeant Johnson actually had bits of dead and inactive flood DNA in his blood, which incidentally was suspected to cause his remarkable powers of regeneration, but was never converted to flood form.

However, it got me to thinking about Master Chief's close encounter with the flood in HtF. So many theories people have suggested regarding the MC's apparent immunity to the flood revolve around his having an airtight shielded†seal, his not being dead, his insufficient biomass, or the suit itself. However, assuming that the MC has enough biomass (I argue he does... he's still a really big guy and is still mostly flesh instead of machine), he should still be able to be infected if he is injected by the infection flood form. As I read in HtF, he definitely one infection form's needle-thing penetrated a weak spot in the MC's armor and his neck completely. Cortana took action and electrocuted it, killing it, but the MC was nevertheless stuck. Some of whatever the parasite was trying to do was accomplished before it was killed, but the MC never seemed to suffer any ill effects. The only thing I can think of is that the MC's immune system is just that incredibly strong that he can actually stave off the flood infection to a degree, but other than that, I'm stumped.

"The rapidly healing wound in his neck, inflicted by a Flood Infection Form during the final battle on Halo's surface, still throbbed. (FS p.34)" Can we expect anything more to come of this little blurb?

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