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March 10, 2004

Alright. Before I get distracted by something else...

Thoughts on the ring's effectiveness and the Sentinel's roles during containment and mop-up

Grab your partner do-se-do... Wes Foutch ( and Brandon ( and robbie corregan ( and Tim Bowman ( write:

While some have speculated that even if Halo installation 04 is fired that it will not prevent the flood from escaping. I, however, beg to differ. If Halo kills life of sufficient bio-mass, then I believe it will. Even when the flood takes over a Human/Covenant, the taken over form is still there to count as the sufficient mass (e.g. {from The Flood} Captain Keyes, Private Wallace Jenkins). So if Halo fires, it would wipe out the combat forms of the flood, leaving only the flood Infection forms, which are incapable of trying to escape (piloting a space cruiser).


Obviously, the flood ranger forms(the small blobs) can live a few hours without a host and then indefinitely in hibernation. But they still need to feed on the host's body as they use it (see Socrates thoughts on the flood ingesting the bodies they inhabit). If the weapon destroyed the hosts bodies, the flood, without food, would start hibernating again. This would for easy collection of specimans, as well as easy destruction of unwanted subjects.

However, if something of a larger Biomass landed or if existing creatures evolved or grew to a useful size, then the flood could become an active threat once again.


The sentinal's weapons do very little damage, but mabye this is a design purpose. Although the weapon has little punch, it could be used to destroy the host's legs, arms, etc. without damaging the flood inside.


they also wonder why the sentinals are so ineffective against the big flood. the forerunners never made the sentinals to deal with them because the REAL ORIGINAL flood are the spores. the big forms are just human and covenant and they didnt have those untilt we and the covenant invaded halo.

An excellent summary; amazing what can happen when we put our heads together ;)

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