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March 17, 2004

Is Cortana trying to hit 343 where it counts?

God_Holocaust ( writes:

something that's been bothering me about halo is that cortana has you destroy the three phase pulse generators. and then, she teleports you to the covenant ship (truth and reconciliation?) to rescue captain keyes. she does this by hacking into the halo's network and accessing the teleportation program - BUT, she has to use energy from your suit. and that's what's getting at me. why? why does she have to do that? it's been previously discussed that maybe cortana had 'other goals' in mind when having you destroy the generators, so maybe those generators were providing the energy used for the teleportation grid? this may sound a little far-fetched, BUT, here's a big point. i don't remember Guilty Spark EVER teleporting after the generators are destroyed. yeah, i just looked at the cutscenes in the Maw again, and GS never teleports. So, maybe cortana wanted GS to be caught in the Pillar's explosion?

Trying to restrict his movement, eh? Was it merely an added bonus of disabling Halo, an intentional deception on her part, or a case of just plain misinformation?

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