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March 24, 2004

Are there perhaps both Alpha and Beta facilities? Primary and secondary coverage?

Just how many are there?

Gentry geissler ( writes:

First, the galaxy is 16,000 lightyears thick at its core, and has a radius of 50,000 lightyears. there are a few different ways you can divide the galaxy into Halo radii, but i chose 7 Alpha Halos, the size of the one in the game. The thicknes of the galaxy is taken care of, at its thickest point it is not even the radius of Halo blast radius. Think of one in the center of the galaxy, and 6 ringing around it like the rasberry Trix ceral piece.but there is space left over, which are filled with Beta Halos. the number of these are a little wonky, be cause i dont have a 3D modeler to look at it with, just MSPaint and imagination. But it would take 12-15 Betas to take up all the extra space, providing an efficient, galaxy vaporizing system.

MSPaint has served you well :)

Will we see an order of varying Halo facilities (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, etc.)? Time will tell.

Also, some lively discussion broke out on the forum pertaining to just how many Installations there are. 4 would do it, but seven does have that certain je ne sais quoi...

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