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March 24, 2004

Sgt. Johnson and the Se7en Spartans

Frylock1989 ( writes:

In First Strike, at the end, we learn that there are four surviving spartans,including the MC. Now couple this with the fact that in TFoR, we learn that three other spartans(besides the one in the auditorium thing) are too far away to recall in time, we have a total of 7 (including MC ) surviving spartans. Just an observation. Oh yeah,i think it is possible that bungie could incorperate a 4 person coop mode. I know the trailers point against this, but where would Linda, Fred and Will go?

(P.S. I know that Dr. Halsey took Kelly on some secret op, but for all intents and purposes, we'll call her MIA until we find out what happend to her.)

As Crazy Turkey ( says, "the combined 'Power of Seven'". Hey, even if it is eight, that many participants in co-op won't hurt many feelings ;)

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