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March 24, 2004

Kelly: Fast on her feet; slow to recoup.

Uneven_Elephant ( writes:

I was looking at that interview with the Erics and something about one of their statements was something about Kellly's data file medical records. He said that those were most likely had something to do with the augmentation process.

Well i seem to remember that her hair took longer to grow back after the operations. I think there might be a small connection (even though the chances of that a small to none). What do you think?

(For the record, the question mentioned above stemmed from a misreading of the book. The anomaly is not in the DNA itself, but in the DNA file which, as God_Holocaust pointed out, was due to Araquiel's mischievousness. See FS. p.125-129.)

Page 78 of TFoR contains the reference in question, mentioning that she had taken the longest to recover from surgery and had still to grow back her hair. Not much to be gained in itself, but this could definitely be the foreshadowing of Halsey and Kelly's current escapade...

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