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March 25, 2004

Ackerson, Spartan or Section III, and an historical indication of betrayal

James Kinsella ( and ted blum ( assert while A. N.-W. contrasts:

On page 130 in First Strike Dr. Halsey is looking in Ackerson's files, and finds one called s-III. It has research on all of the Spartan-II program. I think we may assume that s-III is Spartan-III.†This begs the question, "What is Ackerson doing making Spartans?" I think it's a pretty simple explanation; Jealousy. He has created these Spartans†because he is jealous of what Dr. Halsey has done, and yet he can't get over their operational effectiveness. So to combat these feeling of inferiority he creates another goup of Spartans,†a†much larger group, and then pulls them out of hiding when the shit hits the fan. His Spartans save the day with their incredible training and whatnot, and Ackerson geets the credit for having had the foresight to create more Spartans. That would be why he seems so happy when he believe the good doctor is pushing up heaps.

as well...

From the books, the most obvious evidence is in FS, the top of Page 103 when General Strauss says "At least we have your special weapons programs Ackerson. Dr Halsey's Spartans were such a great suc-"

Also, page 127 has an interesting quip from Dr. Halsey when she's talking to Araquiel, Ackerson's AI "Don't you have anything better to do than steal data from my SPARTAN program?"

The above quote would make sense, particularly if Araquiel was stealing data from the SPARTAN's so that Ackerson's projects could be done without a hitch. What Ackerson might have found most interesting is the technique used to make flash clones of the SPARTAN's organs and possibly the markers that Dr Halsey was looking for when selecting conscripts. Information like that could be very important towards Ackersons research on flash clones and more importantly on what kind of complications could be expected from cloned bodies, which Dr. Halsey lamented about later in FS.


People have speculated that Ackerson's file 'S-III' must mean Spartan III. I find that extremely unlikely. The Spartans are Ackerson's biggest humiliation. I can think of no conceivable way that a sane man would put such a glaring reminder right in his own face. Though that does raise the question of Ackerson's sanity...

If Ackerson were to create his own super-soldiers, they would naturally be designed to†be able to defeat†the Spartans, and hence prove their superiority. Now, who were the Spartans defeated by? The Persians! And then only when a traitor led them around the pass. I think this says we should be very careful in Halo 2...

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