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April 2, 2004

T Steeves was playing through The Maw, listening to 343 Guilty Spark and scrutinizing his dialogue, and has come up with a few keen observations.

T Steeves ( writes:

I was playing the level Maw recently and listened for anything intereting that he may say. That said, I picked up a couple key points to ponder.

When going through the data banks, he says

"Oh how I will enjoy every moment of its categorization! And to think that you would destroy this installation. As well as this record. I am shocked. Almost too shocked for words."

He refers to the ship as an installation... Meanwhile, 343 GS calls Halo installation 04. Now, what do Halo and the PoA have in comon? Is it possible that they are both vehicals or transports of some kind? Or is there another reason he calls the PoA an installation?

As well 343 GS says

"You would destroy this installation, as well as this amazing record?"

This means, he is not refering to the records when he says the installation.

Transports, eh? Halo as a colony ship of some sort sure has a familiar ring to it...

However, it would seem more likely that the manufactured nature of both the Pillar of Autumn and Halo would be the common element that our little caretaker perceives. As usual, this analysis is open for debate and subject to change at any time. ;-)

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