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April 2, 2004

IdenTheBox ( writes:

It seems to me no one is ever going to be give the poor Forerunners a break about keeping the flood around. I would like to point out that even we humans are guilty about taking something that was once incredibly dangerous and killed hundreds of thousands, and then instead of eradicating it we merely contained and studied it. Small pox. And while not on the same plane of deadliness that the flood exists on, if small pox was released there would of been a huge epademic as it would of taken months to make enough vaccines for everyone. So give the poor forerunners a break, it's something intelligent species do, study, even at their own risk.

See, it's not that they kept the Flood around. We've had more than a few submissions that pointed out that many human countries stockpile nasty, virulent things. No, the big question with regards to the Forerunner is why destroy the entire galaxy in case the Flood get out? If the Forerunner don't occupy this galaxy anymore, then why not just let the Flood have the whole thing as a playground? If they do occupy this galaxy (or did, at some point in the past), what is so flipping special about the Flood that they'd destroy all, but still keep 'em around? So, no! No break for them!!

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