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April 2, 2004 ( writes:

Ok so everyone knows that there is something interesting about Captain Keyes last name- its kind of obvious. I like how mnemesis responded to a particular article in the "The Flood" section. Mnemesis said, "Very interesting possibilty. It would explain the need to keep the Flood alive, yet be able to "neutralize" them by destroying their food source. If so, then it would seem that there would need to be some sort of a counterpart to the "Reclaimer", who would release the Flood rather than set off the Halo. Hmm...." This made me concoct an interesting idea.

What if Keyes was a counterpart of MC? Maybe Keyes was the "key" to the flood's escape from Halo. Masterchief is the reclaimer while Keyes is the key. It kinda makes sense. It would explain why the flood didn't just turn keyes into another flood warrior like all the other humans. They mixed him in with a big blob of flood stuff and possibly some other lifeforms. This would still fit in with the theory posted in the "Captain Keyes" section by Fletcher Johnston-

"Isn't it possible that the flood figured that they should combine Keyes (with his immense skill as a captain) with the commander of the covenant cruiser? That way, they'd get the best of both worlds... a blob with Keyes' smarts, and the covenant commander's knowledge of the ship and covenant technology..."

The theory I have proposed would fix just one problem in Fletchers theory. If the flood have a covenant commander, why would they need Captain Keyes? I think the covenant commanders know how to fly their own ships. maybe keyes was need for another reason, possibly to serve as the "key" that i proposed earlier. Just something to think about.

We must remember that rarely do things acquire a name for no reason at all. Sure, some game companies might just make up random names for characters in their games, but most Bungie names have some meaning behind them. French swords, for instance, seem to be strangely attractive to the folks at Bungie. ;-)

Maybe Captain Keyes is the key. Or was. Was the key.

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