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April 2, 2004

Tristan Wolfe ( writes:

Only a few things:

Did 343 GS pop into anyone elses mind when "Guardian of the Lumious Key" was mentioned in FS? I know that it was said that they were supposed to be on the Covie Flagship, but when I read those words, the scene in The Library where 343 "dematerializes" the index... The index is obviously the key to activating Halo (the main key, anyhow), and it is very luminous w/ its glowing-glow-like prettiness. This would, in a sense, make 343 the "guardian." 343 also says he is the "monitor" of the Halo, which would mean he's pretty much in charge over everything there, further showing my point. The Covenant, correct me if I'm wrong, were looking for the Guadian of the Luminous Key when the Flagship was commandeered by the Chief and friends (its been a while since I've read the book, so I may be wrong). What if they were looking for 343. It seemed odd to me that 343 still had his be! acon-like blue light pulsating once Halo was destroyed at the end of the game. Even in space, it might be hard to miss a blue light that was moving, even harder so to miss one that was moving AND pulsing, considering how advanced Covie search must be. Maybe 343 can't turn this feature off, but considering how it looks like a beacon, it seems more probable that he WANTS to be found.

Also, about a year ago, I wrote a piece of speculation (rather crazy speculation at that) to HBO that never got posted (no biggy). I said something to the effect of how Dr. Halsey was the big conspirator behind everything that happens in Halo and before (during the Spartan-II's lives). I later dismissed this as crap, so I wasn't confused why it never got posted. I think I said something like, during the augmentation procedure of the Spartans, Dr. Halsey imprinted a little something more into the minds of her patients, such as possible "forced-memories" of the Forerunner. When I read TF and FS, I was shocked at the Chief's "knowingness" of how to activate certain things (like the Light Bridge), and his "deja-vu" that he experienced. I was also shocked when Halsey just took off w/ Kelly on a mission of her own, after altering Kelly's DNA. I'm quite amazed at how close thi! s comes to my old speculation... There is way more to Halsey than any of us can imagine, I suppose.

And about "S-IIIs:" If they are Spartan-IIIs, the fact that when the ONI staff meeting is held and they are refered to as "special weapons programs" makes them seem a little less human than Spartan-IIs... perhapes they're machines, or mainly machines, like in the more common concept of a cyborg (Spartan-IIs may be cyborgs, but they're not so much machines as you see in a lot of movies).

Also, a lot seem to forget about the significance of the "failed" Spartans, the ones who didn't completely make it through the augmentations but still survived. They still prove to be geniuses in various aspects, since one of them provided Keyes with the insight that the Covenant were traveling towards Reach in mass, which, as the Spartan said, can make them look like one object, thus giving the UNSC at least a little time to gather a defense force (even though it still failed, in a sense).

In regards to 343 GS being the Guardian of the Luminous Key, it seems that that title belonged to an occupant of the ship that the MC commandeered whom we never quite met. Imagining Guilty Spark meeting the Covenant, though, that's an interesting thought. Would they recognize each other? (That might not be saying much. Remember that he recognizes us, too. Don't you hate it when somebody walks up to you and acts as if they know you, but you can't for the life of you remember who they are? Yeah, me too.)

With respect to your previous submission, whoa! Look at the time! ;-)

I would point out that, though quite a few folks have been pushing the "Halsey is involved" theory from early on, the events of Halo: First Strike sure do bring some added weight to their arguments. Tristan's included. :-)

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