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April 30, 2004

The Forerunner: Just a bunch of guys, checking stuff out. Did they know that anyone would eventually live in this backwater galaxy? Maybe so, maybe not... ( writes:

I think things are being over analyzed.

Who is to say that forerunner ever cared for anything in this universe to begin with?

What makes us think that GS343 is working towards forerunner goals.

Who is to say if anything surrounding covenant and human decent has anything to do with forerunner ether way?

First I propose that our universe/Realm of existence was in the time of the forerunner nothing more than a quarantined universe used for study and experimentation on the Flood. Halo was designed to contain flood and keep it manageable within this realm. In a lab environment you don�t want your specimens to be eating the table or running down the hall, even if you don�t care about the dean, it just makes since to keep it under the lenses in the Petri dish! This is essentially what Halo is!

Architecture: Halo's design layout appears to be two fold. Scientific and strategic planning. It is NOT military in design, I site that every structure and access point to halo is an airlock (two doors for every access point) blast doors for inter access locations (tunnels that connect between what appear to be maintenance halls) every entrance is angular meaning you make a turn before and after every door you go through (this indicates internal desire failsafe in case of blast scenarios) These indicate that Halo was designed for strategic defense. Next: in the level GS343 the underground structure is mainly built for scientific research and quarantine lockdown. There are two levels here, The lower level is closed and constrained. There is little to NO intended access to the upper level. This indicates whatever is on the low level needs to stay there. this is maintained by the energy bridge leading to tee exits and the blast doors at every entrance. Also note the airlocks upper deck has a glass floor! No doubt for observation of what is running around downstairs. Also not the double blast doors and the containment barrier and observation deck outside the Flood containment aria and the blast doors covering what appears to be containment cells. And the air/fluid fonts on the floors. (these are similar to what is used in containment in CDC SAC rooms) these rooms were built to house gaseous pathogens and possible infected specimens. The lack of a decent lab table indicates that large specimens were studied here, possibly the macro lab? Only issue here is the fact the blast doors are so darn week! Call it a design flaw, call it old (100,000 years or more) equipment, whatever it is, the flood just beat the doors open. Anyway moving on. The control room. Ok this is just interesting. The building was designed to be DIFFICULT TO ATTACK, not impenetrable. This is for strategic defense, if the flood does become unmanageable on halo well they cant get control OF halo!

SIDE NOTE: notice all the airlocks? Well this tells me one thing. Halo can be vented into space! This indicates flood may not be able to survive in a vacuumed! It makes since, most microorganisms tend to "pop" in a vacuumed. I can and probably will repost a complete analysis of the structure of halo but right now I don�t have time. suffice it to say Hal is not a military installation "halo is not a cudgel, you barbarian" it is a scientific installation. Its design is to this end. I note the lack of ANY forerunner weapons! Save halo itself. Halo was used to study flood or some other similar micro/macro organism and halo's varied environments only support this. It probably is mobile, and possibly inter dimensional travel capable. In my educated opinion it was brought here to study what was deemed dangerous research and our galaxy/universe is the test chamber, if forerunner was so advanced, why would they study flood in their own universe and risk infection? They wouldn�t! when they were done OR when things got out of hand, or when their funding got pulled, they left and left halo (and her sister rings) here. "let those pesky covenant fools deal with it." sounds right. they might have fired it just to "tidy up" a little. Before leavening. Like I said who says they cared?

New light has been shed on the Covenant-Forerunner relationship that may indicate a greater likelihood of the above-mentioned view. Both the human race and the Covenant client races may have been only gleams in the respective eyes of various single-celled creatures scattered across this galaxy when the Forerunner(s) passed on.

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