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February 11, 2002

Luke sends in an observation on the possibility of a genetic link between the Elite and the Hunters. He actually sent it in once before, but, ah, the dog ate it. Yeah.

Keep sending stuff in!

Luke S. (Allenthar) ( writes:

I almost think of the Hunters and the Elites in the same terms as the Master Chief and the Marines. The Hunters could simply be genetically and mechanically enhanced members of the Elite species. With all the genetic mosifications, armor and attachments covering up all easily visible similarities, they could be mistaken for a completely different species. But, try to look at the Master Chief from an alien point of view and as if you had only seen the basic Marine before. He could easily be mistaken for a different species than the rest of us. Much larger, stronger faster, and his armor obscures most of the features that could identify him as human. Perhaps, the Hunters are the Elite's ideals in intimidation and strength, paralleling our view of the Master Chief as the epitome of human strength, but with an alien perspective. The only thing I can't account for here is the difference in blood color, but there is definitely much more similarity between the Hunters and the Elites, than between them and any of the other Covenant species.

We know that the Covenant comprise "different" races, but just how they relate to one another is still to be discovered.

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