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June 7, 2004

dogsounds ( writes:

Recently, Giorgio Vassallo posted some findings on his Halo=Romans theory, and said:

"4th: Back in the Roman times, september used to be the 7th month, october the 8th and so on...and halo takes place in SEPTEMBER!!!! does this tell us something?"

To which you commented "Whew...apparently. But what exactly?"

Well, story-wise, not much, but perhaps it gives another insight into the name "Pillar of Autumn" - September being the first month of the season...a supporting month, a support for the coming season? I know what I mean I just seem to be having trouble verbalising it...although Foundation may be a more apt term than Pillar...

However, this really only adds possible meaning to the name in terms of Bungie and their reasoning, not within the scope of the story. Gah.

It's all connected, all of it. Always. :-)

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