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June 7, 2004

Charles Grey ( writes:

hey, I just figured out how the hunters do NOT get infected by flood!!!

It goes like this: the ONLY (known) way of cheating the flood of infecting you, besides not letting them near your spine, is to have Borens Syndrome, like Sarge has.

Now your thinking, " So what?". Fine, be that way. Anyway, the Hunters cannot be infected because...(drum roll) all the Hunters in the game ALL have Borens Syndrome, or something like it!!!!!

But'', you say,'' there is no proof''. Ah , but YOU are wrong. See, reveiwing our knowledge of Borens leads to this info:
(1. It leads to some mental degradation.
(2. It is caused by extra exposure to plasma.
(3. It renders subject immune to Flood.

And HERE is the proof:
(1. Hunters dont seem too bright
(2. Hunters have a huge Fuel Rod Gun strapped to their arm, which would leak a huge amount of plasma.
(3. Hunters are not nfected by Flood

The main proof is the 2nd one, and who can deny the fact that the fuel rod gun is big, glows, is very um... plasma-using, and is strapped to the Hunter???

AND, to prove even more, I have a hunch that the amour of the hunter is also radiating plasma. The only proof of this is the immense stregth of it, but ill try to convince you. Explain: Imagine weapons-grade plasma or similar, and then this plasma is somehow BONDED on the atomic level to a very strong metal. AND after this, you may get something similar to Hunter armour. This all links nicely to my original theory: Hunters have Borens Syndrome.

Nice! While I hesitate to question the Sarge's intelligence, there seems no doubt that the Hunters themselves are a bit, er, simpleminded in their duties. Strong as hell and a nasty backhand, but simple nonetheless. Hmm. I wonder if erstwhile Halo Story creator Brannon Boren has ever harbored any Hunter-like aspirations. ;-)

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