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June 7, 2004

Wade Yamauchi ( writes:

Could 343 Guilty Spark have never actually met a reclaimer personally. What if he had just gone through simulations of firing Halo. The simulations of course are not real, however, perhaps 343 GS is a bit confused and thinks the simulations were real.

Even if Halo's superweapon was actually fired before for real, there is no positive evidence to support that 343 GS was the one in charge of Halo when it was fired. He could have been put in charge after the last time Halo was fired. Simulations would have been part of his training protocols.

Oh, he's "confused," all right. Interesting possibility that there might have been another Monitor around, one who would have theoretically been 343's superior. Now, would that be 342, or 344? ;-)

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