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June 17, 2004

Matt Forbes ( writes:

The following theory was posted a few months ago on the Forum, but was done so in reply to a dying thread, (there were reasons for this which I won't bore you with), and as such was hardly read by anyone. (Here's a newer thread that looks at the same stuff, which currently can be replied to. -Ed.)

I was playing through the Library last night, when something 343 said struck me as odd, and made me question whether he really knows who or what he is talking to. He refers to your armour as a "Combat Skin" in the comments he makes about your need to upgrade it, but when he mentions the Flood changing the atmosphere, he says "Your Environment Suit should serve you well..." This differing nomenclature made me wonder whether the two items he refers to are different - i.e. your armour is what he refers to as the 'Environment Suit', and your 'Combat Skin' is the Chief's body?

Sounds bonkers, but bear with me. We don't really know anything about the Forerunner, and have no physical evidence of their form - could they be so advanced that they no longer have their own bodies, but have the ability to control other being's physical forms? The Chief certainly seems to know how to use Forerunner tech even though he's not supposed to have come across it before, and 343 GS could recognise something in the Chief's brainwaves, rather than in his physical form. A Forerunner may be piggybacking his way across Halo in the Chief's brain! GS could be berating the Forerunner's choice of body to secure the Index - he came in a crappy Human combat skin, rather than another one. Perhaps the last time Halo was set off, the Forerunner were forced to occupy Flood beings, as the rest of the Galaxy was "quite devoid of life", and this is why GS says that "their [Forerunner?] survival as a race was dependent on it" - meaning the enduring of the Flood. Why don't the Forerunner have full control over their human vehicle? I don't know, but possibly they've been used to sitting in a Flood's knackered cerebral cortex for too long and are out of practice, or maybe John 117's intense military training and monolithic sense of duty makes him immune.

It could also explain why all the doors on Halo are different sizes, because depending on which being the Forerunners were inhabiting, different sized portals may have been necessary. The idea that GS isn't actually talking to the Chief could account for the perception that GS thinks the Chief has set off Halo before - he doesn't think the Chief has at all, as he is actually addressing the Forerunner in John 117's head, who have/has set Halo off before, and having done so were forced to inhabit the forms of the very creatures they sought to contain.

Indeed, we don't know much about the Forerunner. Their creation was all around us throughout the game, yet we've never had the slightest inkling that something was watching from the shadows. Or, have we? And, which shadows, eh?

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