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June 17, 2004

Patrick Welsh ( writes:

Just something I thought you'd be interested in, I was looking at numerical values of Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic and noticed some odd occurances. They ranged from downright interesting:

-Cortana's Greek numerical equivalent is 782, so it means the word 'sabotage'. (I might have gotten that one wrong, but the rest are correct).

-The 117 in our very famous, John 117, is the Jewish value of ZIQ, meaning 'comet' or 'meteor'. the downright strange:

-343 in Hebrew is 'Ark of God'. BIG blasphomey to any Hasidic or Orthodox Jew. the downright spooky:

-343 in Greek is 'Membrane' or 'Origin'. This makes complete sense in my twisted mind, seeing how he is basically the brain of Halo.

Also another note, 343 BC is a big date for the Egyptians. It was the fall of the 30th, and last natural dynasty for Egypt. Artaxerxes of Persia conquered them. But Nectanebo II, the last of the rulers, lived on, despite his family and lordship crumbling. I thought that was pretty interesting, possibly a prelude of GS outliving the Forerunner?

Once again, it is to the Bungie fans that these fantastic, yet strangely seductive connections are left to discover, and then scrutinize deeply. Fascinating stuff!

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