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February 11, 2002

Sentinels: Poorly Designed Hardware, or Overtaxed Guardians of Virtue? You be the Judge!

Jonas ( writes:

We all know the sentinels are pushovers. They totally suck at fighting the flood, which is what they were, by all rights, designed to do by the forerunners, who were supposed to be almost godlike in thier technological sophistication. This seems to be a contradiction, but it can be explained: There were not supposed to be humans/covenent on halo. The flood infection forms, the only kind there were supposed to be, the sentinels are well suited to take out, especially becuase they can't assimilate a machine. The reason they do so badly is that they simply weren't made to fight a flood warior, I mean, who could have concieved that some other race would land on halo?

Good point.

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