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June 17, 2004 ( writes:

Mostly all of the weapons of the covenant are plasma weapons but, what about the Needler?
I think the Needler was originaly a Forunner wepon to exterminate the Flood and the Covenant Found it and added it to there weaponry. Proof: On the 343 Quilty Spark level in one of the rooms we see two Needlers laying on the ground With refill cartridges. Thats the ONLY time we see cartriges for the Needler. My Point is that why Do we see the refills only on that level?

Good question. The needler would, by all appearances, be a terrible weapon to use against the Flood, as it's highly likely that a good portion of the pink death you fire will be coming back to you, bounding along on twitchy, flailing tentacles. That said, why is that the only place where needler ammo is available? Bungie sadism? Or something else, perhaps...

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